Fear of a Fatal Fatigue

When was the last time you checked your emotional blind-spots? Probably not that often, because why would you care about not caring? Ignorance, insensitivity and indifference all create the foundations for radicalism and polarism to grow in a society and their most terrifying trait lies in their tendency to pass by us unnoticed. The importance of having our emotional compasses calibrated is obvious, but how easy is that in a media reality where we are bombarded with new controversies and tragedies every day?

The Difficulties of Translation: From Grammatical Errors to Donald Trump

The global market for languages service is booming and translation plays an important part in our daily lives. A life without translations seems impossible. In an increasingly globalised world, everyone who is confronted with translated material has to consider the work that goes into translating and how a wrong translation can have wide reaching consequences.

Escaping social media conformity: Can we still think for ourselves?

Social media often finds itself playing a role in influencing conformity, which makes us forget to think more actively for ourselves. Questioning what we think we know helps us uncover what more we ought to learn regarding ideas we didn’t before. That is why diversity of opinion is fundamental. Can we still jump out of the same bowl of opinions and take a leap in voicing something different?

Meritocracy Kills Creativity and Breeds Populism

Recent years have seen disillusioned voters move away from moderate standpoints towards populist parties on both the left and the right of the political spectrum. Populism’s rise can be linked to the mental separation of ‘established elites’ for whom the system caters to, and the ‘ordinary people’, who are left behind.

Mica: The Human Cost of the Cosmetic Industry

For many, the word Mica holds no significant meaning. However, we are all far more familiar with this resource than we realise. While this mineral is used to achieve that shimmering affect in many products that we love, there is a dark side to this material and it lies within the means of extraction.