The Power of Books in the Age of Digital Technology

By Francesca Lombardo. In a historic period where technological developments and new creations are the order of the day, where new smartphones and cleaning robots appear on the market at the speed of light, my thoughts keep drifting back to printed books. I have been a reader as long as I can remember. Being a … More

The Pregnancy Penalty: Female Athletes

By Ravneet Kahlon. Anky Von Grunsven, Juno Stover Irwin, and Kerstin Szymkowiak are just three of the many female athletes who not only competed but also won medals whilst pregnant. Despite many female athletes successfully competing and returning to their sports following pregnancy, many athletes are now speaking out about the ongoing discrimination they faced … More

Nell Shipman’s environmental and feminist activism through the early silent film

By Victoria Jones. Back to God’s Country Despite many believing animal rights, environmentalism and feminism to be thoroughly modern causes, women pioneers were in fact addressing these issues through film as early as in 1919. Such is the case with Nell Shipman’s film Back to God’s Country; a masterpiece blending together femininity, female empowerment and … More

Binge Drinking & Students: A Social Problem?

By Francesca Lombardo. International students feel that their drinking has increased since coming to study in the UK. However, why is that? It is well-known that British people love drinking, but this is hardly exclusive to the UK given most countries have a drinking culture. However, due to cultural differences, its character within a given … More

How Study Exchange Changes Your Life

By Francesca Lombardo. What they say about an international exchange is true: You don’t come back as the same person you were before you left. Whether it is for a year or six months, on another continent or an Erasmus experience somewhere in Europe, you will come back as a completely different person. Before leaving, … More

How Travel Changed My Mind

By Ngan Nguyen. Robert Louis Stevenson, one of my favourite authors, wrote “Youth is the time to go flashing from one end of the world to the other – both in mind and body.” I totally agree with his idea, and for me, travel has certainly changed and shaped who I am today. Media, such … More

Inside Bill’s Brain (2019): A Review

By Mie Astrup Jensen. Most people are familiar with some of Bill Gates’ work. The word processor I am currently using to write this review, for example, is developed by Microsoft, and millions of people have Windows, phones, tablets, and computers. In essence, we all have been affected by the work of Bill Gates. Still, … More

Why Your College Major Doesn’t Matter

By Delaine Lorio. “What will you do with your degree after graduation?” This question for many university students is often met with great discomfort and trepidation. However, why is that? Many people subscribe to the common myth that majors and jobs are tightly related; therefore, if you study for a career in politics, you do … More

Displacing Rather Than Liberating – The Libra Coin

By Mikael Fevang. Anyone interested in crypto will most likely have heard of the news that a consortium of multinational tech behemoths, fronted by Facebook, is releasing their own “cryptocurrency” – the Libra. Amusingly dubbed “Zuck Buck” by FT’s Alphaville writers, the Libra aims for the moon by explicitly aspiring towards becoming a global currency … More

The US College Scandal, The UK “Class” Ceiling, & The Meritocracy Ideal

By Anastasia Roscia. Last month, the biggest US college scandal to date led the FBI to accuse famous Hollywood actresses, CEOs of law firms and prominent business leaders of paying thousands of dollars to help their children get into competitive elite universities. There were a variety of unlawful methods used, including bribing coaches working at … More

A Cynic’s Approach to Distributed Ledger Technology – Part II

By Mikael Fevang. [See Part I of this article here] So, even safeguarding consensus among the nodes is no guarantee of integrity on a blockchain. There are, however, several other, and more severe, issues with blockchain technology. Firstly, you have the fundamental inability of blockchain to scale and accommodate large userbases. People tend to forget … More

A Cynic’s Approach to Distributed Ledger Technology – Part I

By Mikael Fevang. The proliferation of cryptoassets (and blockchain technology in particular) over the last couple of years has become difficult to ignore. Tales of effortless wealth and promises of a paradigmatic transformation of finance have been plastered across the media and served as the topic of many dinner discussions. However, we seem to be … More

We Need to Talk about Gendered Violence in Films

By a guest writer. Films have never been more accessible. Services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and Hulu are limitless. We are no longer restricted to Blockbuster’s three movies weekend offer; instead, we have endless options. But the accessibility of films means violence becomes an everyday encounter. Yet, rarely do we connect these things … More

Facing the Harsh Reality: Is A Degree No Longer Enough?

By Delaine Lorio. There was once a time when a bachelor’s degree was considered a person’s one-way ticket to career success. It was regarded as normal to assume that a young person who achieved this level of higher education would equally hold the best employment prospects and have the best chances of getting the top-tier … More