The Earth is Drowning in Waste: But Who is to Blame?

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. The so-called Zero Waste movement wants to combat these ever-increasing piles of litter by producing as little individual waste as possible. But should we really blame the consumer for the plastic pollution crisis? This article explores whether the Zero Waste movement effectively makes our world a better, waste-free place, or whether their aim does not go far enough yet.

The Blue Planet, but for how much longer?

Mauragh Scott explores whether the world is really running out of water and what this issue could mean both near and far. With the UN calling this a ‘silent emergency’ worldwide, the realities of running out of water are catching up with many areas around the world already, and it paints a poor picture of what we will all face in our future. She also looks at the case of South Africa’s ‘Day Zero’ as an example of how we might take the first step in combating this issue.

Helping environmental migrants is the least we can do

By Mauragh Scott. For as long as humans have lived on the Earth, migration has been an essential part of life. It is believed that the earliest form of human migration begun around two million years ago. However, in recent years migration has become an extremely controversial issue, which is set to get even worse … More

Time Is Running Out: Europe’s final chance to push for climate action

By Pavel Dostalik. Europe’s new raison d’être seems to be green. In 2019, Europeans cast their ballots expressing record-high support for parties focused on fighting the climate emergency. The new European Commission made a pledge to take action and turn Europe into the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Commission President von der Leyen unveiled the … More

Aviation passenger taxes – why they won’t work in the long run

By Hans Nasman. Government regulation of the aviation sector has become a key topic of discussion with the rising prevalence of climate change concerns. Aviation is an incredibly carbon-intensive form of transportation. In 2016, emissions from aviation represented 3.6% of total EU28 greenhouse gas emissions. Critically, emissions have more than doubled since 1990, making aviation … More

Veganism on The Rise: Not a Diet, but a New Economy

By Chiara Riezzo. Only a few months into the new decade, the year 2020 has already consolidated a number of retail trends that have, over the past years, revolutionized both the global and the UK market. Amidst the Brexit uncertainty and anticipation of new global trade deals, retail in the UK keeps growing and changing … More

The Disastrous Downsides of Junk Mail on the World’s Environment

By Mauragh Scott. We all know how annoying junk mail is. Every time we check the post, most of it is just endless amounts of food delivery discounts and catalogues. You can see the worst of it in university halls, with clubs leaving endless amounts of plastic and paper promotion for their themed nights. But … More

The Power of Books in the Age of Digital Technology

By Francesca Lombardo. In a historic period where technological developments and new creations are the order of the day, where new smartphones and cleaning robots appear on the market at the speed of light, my thoughts keep drifting back to printed books. I have been a reader as long as I can remember. Being a … More

Nell Shipman’s environmental and feminist activism through the early silent film

By Victoria Jones. Back to God’s Country Despite many believing animal rights, environmentalism and feminism to be thoroughly modern causes, women pioneers were in fact addressing these issues through film as early as in 1919. Such is the case with Nell Shipman’s film Back to God’s Country; a masterpiece blending together femininity, female empowerment and … More

BRAZIL OIL SPILL: Hashtag Activism

By Ravneet Kahlon. Social Media to Social Impact… Social media has been hailed a revolution in activism. With its far-reaching platform, it engages with people from all walks of life and unites people from opposite ends of the world. It encourages public scrutiny and transparent governance as well as improving civic participation and engagement throughout … More

What the Amazon Fires Mean

By Mauragh Scott. On the week beginning the 19th of August, international media was ignited with the news that the Amazon rainforest was on fire. Smoke from these fires caused the skies of Sao Paulo, 3000km away from the source of the fire, to darken. This story, one of the many which came out of … More

Decolonising Environmentalism

By Katharina Schmitz. Current environmentalist movements aim to make people realise the local harmful effects of climate crisis, such as floods, heat waves, and the extinction of species. Naturally, it is only once one is actually affected that the climate crisis becomes personally experienced in its threatening dimensions. Also, local and regional elected stakeholders can … More