Mica: The Human Cost of the Cosmetic Industry

For many, the word Mica holds no significant meaning. However, we are all far more familiar with this resource than we realise. While this mineral is used to achieve that shimmering affect in many products that we love, there is a dark side to this material and it lies within the means of extraction.

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By Katharina Schmitz. In 2018, a ‘whistle-blower’ from the German Federal Foreign Ministry revealed how promotions were manipulated so that only men could climb up the career ladder. Consequently, since 1949 there were more men called Hans that became state secretaries than women (only 3%). In 2015, a study showed that there were more men … More

How Lucrative Pensions Can be Harmful to All of Us

By Mikael Fevang. No student at Aberdeen could have possibly avoided hearing about the disquiet surrounding the proposed reforms to staff pensions. Essentially, members of the UCU are protesting against the changes made and proposed to the USS — the multi-employer pension scheme for most of the University’s staff. In short, the staff is (understandably) … More

Aesthetic Capital and Career Prospects: Does Beauty Matter?

By Chiara Riezzo. Do you ever feel like one of your colleagues seems to be treated differently because of the way he or she looks? Has it ever occurred to you that your boss might be particularly tolerant of mistakes made by your neighbouring co-workers because he or she finds them attractive? And what about … More

Behind the Illogic of Being “Overqualified” & How to Deal With It

By Delaine Lorio. Two of the biggest reasons why people choose to pursue an advanced degree is (1) to secure access to certain careers in the job market and (2) to better ensure a more comfortable standard of living. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, it is predicted that 18% of all jobs … More

The real value of diversity and integrating social class in the inclusivity discourse.

By Anastasia Roscia. “Diversity” and “inclusion” have become common terms in our collective vocabulary and sensibility. Perhaps due to millennials being vocal about issues such as gender discrimination, racism and minorities’ rights, businesses have fully embraced the promotion of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Even the most prestigious, typically white, male-dominated fields such as … More

Why Your College Major Doesn’t Matter

By Delaine Lorio. “What will you do with your degree after graduation?” This question for many university students is often met with great discomfort and trepidation. However, why is that? Many people subscribe to the common myth that majors and jobs are tightly related; therefore, if you study for a career in politics, you do … More

A Cross-case Analysis of the Realities of Unpaid Internships: the UK & Italy

By Anastasia Roscia. Achieving a degree has become increasingly common in the past few decades. The job market has never been so competitive; ‘standing out from the crowd’ with a good degree and high grades is not possible anymore. In addition, macroeconomic factors such as the 2008 economic crisis have worsened the situation and impacted … More

Displacing Rather Than Liberating – The Libra Coin

By Mikael Fevang. Anyone interested in crypto will most likely have heard of the news that a consortium of multinational tech behemoths, fronted by Facebook, is releasing their own “cryptocurrency” – the Libra. Amusingly dubbed “Zuck Buck” by FT’s Alphaville writers, the Libra aims for the moon by explicitly aspiring towards becoming a global currency … More

Automation & The Threat to the Left

By Graham Davidson. My previous article for The International Viewpoint on the rise of populism and the decline of the centre-left suggested that the earnings gap between graduates and non-graduates needed to close. However, in as little as 20 years from now, this may come to be seen as a woefully short-sighted strategy. There may … More

A Cynic’s Approach to Distributed Ledger Technology – Part II

By Mikael Fevang. [See Part I of this article here] So, even safeguarding consensus among the nodes is no guarantee of integrity on a blockchain. There are, however, several other, and more severe, issues with blockchain technology. Firstly, you have the fundamental inability of blockchain to scale and accommodate large userbases. People tend to forget … More

A Cynic’s Approach to Distributed Ledger Technology – Part I

By Mikael Fevang. The proliferation of cryptoassets (and blockchain technology in particular) over the last couple of years has become difficult to ignore. Tales of effortless wealth and promises of a paradigmatic transformation of finance have been plastered across the media and served as the topic of many dinner discussions. However, we seem to be … More

Facing the Harsh Reality: Is A Degree No Longer Enough?

By Delaine Lorio. There was once a time when a bachelor’s degree was considered a person’s one-way ticket to career success. It was regarded as normal to assume that a young person who achieved this level of higher education would equally hold the best employment prospects and have the best chances of getting the top-tier … More

Pay Gap, But Worse: Why We Should Be Talking About the Gender Pension Gap

By Berit Braun. International Women’s Day is often used to highlight the gender pay gap – one of the key metrics that prove that women and men in Europe and around the world are still far from equal. It is a persuasive argument. Statistics don’t lie, and women literally get paid less for doing the … More