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FIFA: the Human Rights Bubble Refusing to Implode

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Billions play, watch, and devote parts of their life to the sport. This article explores how FIFA has allowed itself to benefit from human rights abuses, tainting the sport as a whole. It hopes to spark some sort of self-reflection in the everyday fan or at least reveal the extent of the problem. Football might represent the height of sporting entertainment, but it comes with a global human cost.

The Difficulties of Translation: From Grammatical Errors to Donald Trump

The global market for languages service is booming and translation plays an important part in our daily lives. A life without translations seems impossible. In an increasingly globalised world, everyone who is confronted with translated material has to consider the work that goes into translating and how a wrong translation can have wide reaching consequences.

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Horror Fiction and Dark Fantasy for Children: is it Pedagogical or Traumatising?

Picking and choosing what a child should be allowed to read can be complicated. Should children be free to read anything they want, or should parents and educators be more selective about what books their kids can get their hands on? This issue is particularly divisive if it involves children’s horror fiction, which is populated by scary, violent, and unsettling tales. This article discusses the different sides to this argument and it will also suggest a way of approaching scary books that can be both pedagogical and enjoyable for a young audience.

Museum Artefacts? Or Loot Hidden in Plain Sight?

Mauragh Scott explores the controversial issue of museum loot. Specifically, the article critiques the British Museum, in London, for its continuation of colonial interpretations around the artefacts it has on display. Countries and representatives of cultures to whom artefacts belong argue that it is the museums’ responsibility to repatriate artefacts back to the cultures that they were stolen from and move forward together to teach a decolonised history of the past.

Is Netflix’s Bridgerton feminist?

Netflix released Bridgerton on Christmas Day and it was an instant success because of its vivacious portrayal of Regency-era England. Before its release, it was hailed as a feminist and inclusive show; however, it only takes a quick Google search to realise that not all reviewers agree. Many people praise Bridgerton for its progressive portrayal of women, while others consider the show an utter failure or, at best, a missed chance. This article will take into consideration some of the themes and power dynamics that the show portrays and whether they should be considered feminist or not.

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Mica: The Human Cost of the Cosmetic Industry

For many, the word Mica holds no significant meaning. However, we are all far more familiar with this resource than we realise. While this mineral is used to achieve that shimmering affect in many products that we love, there is a dark side to this material and it lies within the means of extraction.

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By Katharina Schmitz. In 2018, a ‘whistle-blower’ from the German Federal Foreign Ministry revealed how promotions were manipulated so that only men could climb up the career ladder. Consequently, since 1949 there were more men called Hans that became state secretaries than women (only 3%). In 2015, a study showed that there were more men … More

Aviation passenger taxes – why they won’t work in the long run

By Hans Nasman. Government regulation of the aviation sector has become a key topic of discussion with the rising prevalence of climate change concerns. Aviation is an incredibly carbon-intensive form of transportation. In 2016, emissions from aviation represented 3.6% of total EU28 greenhouse gas emissions. Critically, emissions have more than doubled since 1990, making aviation … More

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The myth of German history consciousness

By Katharina Schmitz. On Yom Kippur, a right extremist terrorist shot two people when attempting to storm a synagogue. Luckily, its doors had been locked and its CCTV was recording. Such security measures illustrate the high level of anti-Semitism in Germany. Only a few weeks later, the radical right-wing party ‘AfD’ (Alternative for Germany) gained … More

A Review of Pitts’ Boundaries of the International: Law and Empire

By Oskari Mantere. Almost by definition, international law is universal. This belief seems nearly tautological, thus true to the point that it is almost silly. Of course, international law is universal; otherwise, it would not be truly an international law. This self-indulgent and unreflective belief is merely a false historical narrative. The fact is that … More

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