‘They Sacrificed a Generation’: The French Case

By Amaryllis Perotti.
The recent measures taken by governments worldwide to counter the pandemic bring up questions regarding the future generation’s place in our society: have the lives of young people been sacrificed and forgotten? These are the questions that have risen in France, whose government has faced backlash over the social impacts of COVID-19 restrictions.

FIFA: the Human Rights Bubble Refusing to Implode

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Billions play, watch, and devote parts of their life to the sport. This article explores how FIFA has allowed itself to benefit from human rights abuses, tainting the sport as a whole. It hopes to spark some sort of self-reflection in the everyday fan or at least reveal the extent of the problem. Football might represent the height of sporting entertainment, but it comes with a global human cost.

The Difficulties of Translation: From Grammatical Errors to Donald Trump

The global market for languages service is booming and translation plays an important part in our daily lives. A life without translations seems impossible. In an increasingly globalised world, everyone who is confronted with translated material has to consider the work that goes into translating and how a wrong translation can have wide reaching consequences.

Meritocracy Kills Creativity and Breeds Populism

Recent years have seen disillusioned voters move away from moderate standpoints towards populist parties on both the left and the right of the political spectrum. Populism’s rise can be linked to the mental separation of ‘established elites’ for whom the system caters to, and the ‘ordinary people’, who are left behind.