The Earth is Drowning in Waste: But Who is to Blame?

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. The so-called Zero Waste movement wants to combat these ever-increasing piles of litter by producing as little individual waste as possible. But should we really blame the consumer for the plastic pollution crisis? This article explores whether the Zero Waste movement effectively makes our world a better, waste-free place, or whether their aim does not go far enough yet.

The Blue Planet, but for how much longer?

Mauragh Scott explores whether the world is really running out of water and what this issue could mean both near and far. With the UN calling this a ‘silent emergency’ worldwide, the realities of running out of water are catching up with many areas around the world already, and it paints a poor picture of what we will all face in our future. She also looks at the case of South Africa’s ‘Day Zero’ as an example of how we might take the first step in combating this issue.