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We are currently accepting applications for new Editors and Writers! You can find out more about these roles and how to apply below:

Writes two articles per semester.

Follows Writer Guidelines.

Cooperates with their editor.

Works with several writers.

Edits writers’ articles in accordance with the Writer Guidelines.

Can also write their own pieces.

1. Read the Writer Guidelines, for both writers and editors, to familiarise yourself with the expected standards at the International Viewpoint.

2. Complete & submit your application to join the International Viewpoint — the application will be reviewed by the IV Team which will get back to you after the submission:

Editor Application here.

Writer Application here.

Or… consider becoming a Guest Writer for the International Viewpoint.

We are always on the look out for new ideas and new perspectives. If you are passionate about a specific topic or would to see your work published with The International Viewpoint – becoming a guest writer may be for you. If you’re interested in this position or have a piece of work you would like to submit for publication. Click the link or email us if you have any questions at