Museum Artefacts? Or Loot Hidden in Plain Sight?

Mauragh Scott explores the controversial issue of museum loot. Specifically, the article critiques the British Museum, in London, for its continuation of colonial interpretations around the artefacts it has on display. Countries and representatives of cultures to whom artefacts belong argue that it is the museums’ responsibility to repatriate artefacts back to the cultures that they were stolen from and move forward together to teach a decolonised history of the past.

The Blue Planet, but for how much longer?

Mauragh Scott explores whether the world is really running out of water and what this issue could mean both near and far. With the UN calling this a ‘silent emergency’ worldwide, the realities of running out of water are catching up with many areas around the world already, and it paints a poor picture of what we will all face in our future. She also looks at the case of South Africa’s ‘Day Zero’ as an example of how we might take the first step in combating this issue.