Horror Fiction and Dark Fantasy for Children: is it Pedagogical or Traumatising?

Picking and choosing what a child should be allowed to read can be complicated. Should children be free to read anything they want, or should parents and educators be more selective about what books their kids can get their hands on? This issue is particularly divisive if it involves children’s horror fiction, which is populated by scary, violent, and unsettling tales. This article discusses the different sides to this argument and it will also suggest a way of approaching scary books that can be both pedagogical and enjoyable for a young audience.

Is Netflix’s Bridgerton feminist?

Netflix released Bridgerton on Christmas Day and it was an instant success because of its vivacious portrayal of Regency-era England. Before its release, it was hailed as a feminist and inclusive show; however, it only takes a quick Google search to realise that not all reviewers agree. Many people praise Bridgerton for its progressive portrayal of women, while others consider the show an utter failure or, at best, a missed chance. This article will take into consideration some of the themes and power dynamics that the show portrays and whether they should be considered feminist or not.